Faculty and Trainers

Associate Professor, Pediatrics-Hematology/Oncology
The major goal of the laboratory is to dissect and pharmacologically target intracellular proteins to induce cancer cell death and manipulate the immune response. We...
Professor, Medicine-Hematology/Oncology
Dr. Le Beau’s research focuses on the molecular analysis of the recurring chromosomal abnormalities in human leukemias and lymphomas, correlating specific abnormalities...
Professor, BSD Academic Admin
I trained both as a scientist and as a physician and, throughout my career, I have focused on the treatment and biology of ovarian cancer (OvCa). My Ph.D. thesis was on...
Professor, Ben May Department
Signaling mechanism in inflammation, cancer and neuronal degenerative disease My laboratory has a long-standing interest in understanding how the intracellular...
Professor, Pathology
My research has focused on several basic and translational aspects of cancer biology. From a basic science perspective, my lab cloned NOL7, a novel gene that induces an...
Associate Professor, Ben May Department
The deadliest aspect of the majority of human cancers is metastasis, the multi-step process by which cancer cells escape the confines of the primary site (such as...
Associate Professor, Pathology
The McNerney lab studies the genomic changes in blood cancers with the goal of identifying therapeutic vulnerabilities. We focus on myeloid malignancies which are...
Assistant Professor, Chemistry
Assistant Professor, Ben May Department
Our group is interested in understanding the metabolic adaptations that allow cancer cells to grow and proliferate, causing tumor growth. To understand how cancer cell...
Professor, Pathology
Scott Oakes’s laboratory studies how mammalian cells commit “suicide” in response to various forms of damage and what goes wrong with this process in cancer and other...