First Year

Laboratory Rotations

The student will complete at least two research rotations (CABI 30100: Introduction to Research) in different laboratories.  Each rotation will be graded.  At the end of the first year (4 quarters of residence) the student will select an advisor in whose lab he or she will conduct research.

Preliminary Examination

All first year Ph.D. students will be required to take an oral preliminary exam in the early summer of their first year.  Students will be given two currently published articles and two weeks to prepare. They will then present the article to four faculty members and be responsible for responding to questions aimed at testing the general knowledge and thought process of the student in presenting the paper.

The purpose of the Preliminary Examination is to help both the student and the Program determine whether he/she has received adequate training in core areas prior to progression to thesis research.  The Preliminary Examination will be given early in the Summer quarter of the student’s first year.  By this time it is expected that the student will have taken a minimum of seven of the nine required courses (three general core courses; four programmatic core courses) prior to the exam.  An overall grade average of "B" or better from all courses taken to date is required before taking the Preliminary Examination.