Student Fellowships

UChicago Funding Opportunities:

All first year students are fully supported with tuition and stipend by the Dean of the BSD. Further, the University of Chicago offers several grants for students at the graduate level, shown below:
  • Goldblatt Endowment Fund - The Bernice Goldblatt Fund, established by Stanford Goldblatt in memory of his mother, and the Cancer Research Foundation, has been supporting talented young scientists since 1997. Recipients of this prestigious honor have expanded our understanding of cancer biology and, in many cases, helped disseminate that discovery globally as they advance their careers in Chicago and beyond.
    ​CCB Recipient:
    Juan Ibarra
  • Multi-disciplinary Training program in Cancer Research (MTCR) - The Multi-disciplinary Training grant in Cancer Research (MTCR) at the University of Chicago trains the next generation of cancer researchers with the scientific skills, knowledge, and ability to develop their innovative ideas to tackle the growing challenges of cancer prevention, detection, and treatment. The program also prepares our students for life beyond grad school whether that be in traditional academic research positions or in alternative research-relevant careers in industry and elsewhere. This grant supports any student from any graduate program that is working on a cancer-related project.

                  CCB Recipients:
                  Juan Apiz 
                  Emma Wilkinson 
                  Patrick Jonker
                  Colin Sheehan 

  • Women's Board of the UCCRF - The University of Chicago Cancer Research Foundation (UCCRF) Women's Board was established in 1947 to fund promising, innovative cancer research at the University of Chicago. Each year, they are also committed to supporting the training of PhD students in the Committee in Cancer Biology.

                   CCB Recipients:
                   Anqi Yu
                   Chufan Cai

  • Mary Ellen Connellan Scholarship for Cancer Biology - This scholarship, established in 2018, honors Mary Ellen Connellan who was a long-serving executive director of the University of Chicago Cancer Research Foundation (UCCRF) and recognizes a promising graduate student pursuing cancer research.

                   CCB Recipient:
                   Jillian Rosenberg

  • Cameron Brooks Scholarship - This is a new scholarship established by University of Chicago by Charles T. Brooks, a member of the University of Chicago Cancer Research Foundation (UCCRF) Board of Trustees, in honor of his son, Cameron, who passed away from cancer in 2006 at the age of 9. This scholarship "pays it forward" by providing support for an outstanding PhD student pursuing cancer research.

                   Taokun Luo

  • Margaret Benjamin Scholarship - Ms. Benjamin is a long-time member and former President of the University of Chicago Cancer Research Foundation (UCCRF) Board of Trustees. This award, established in 2019, recognizes students with exceptional promise and provides additional training support to help them succeed.

                  CCB Recipient:
                  Rosemary Huggins



See below for more fellowship opportunities and funding separate from UChicago: