Elizabeth Alappat
N/A, 2004
Advisor: Peter Marcus
Keston Aquino-Michaels
The Genetic Architecture of Complex Traits, 2015
Advisor: Nancy Cox
Current Position: Data Scientist, SparkBeyond
Stephen Arnovitz
Deciphering How Genomic Instability in Hematopoietic Cells Drives Tumorigenesis, 2022
Advisor: Lucy Godley & Fotini Gounari
Samuel Baker
Transcriptome and Molecular Analyses Reveal GREM1 as a Potential Regulator of Cellular Senescence, 2015
Advisor: Bruce Lahn
Current Position: Molecular Geneticist, Caris Life Sciences
Timothy Best
Cancer Risk at the Interface of Genomics and the Environment, 2012
Advisor: Nancy Cox
Current Position: Medical Science Liaison, Juno Therapeutics, Inc.
David Binder
Rescue Of Dysfunctional Endogenous T Cells By An Antigen-Specific Bacterial Vaccine, 2013
Advisor: Hans Schreiber
Current Position: Resident Physician, Radiation/Oncology, University of Colorado at Denver
Benjamin Boyerinas
Identification and Characterization of IMP-1 as a Let-7 Regulated Oncofetal Gene, 2009
Advisor: Marcus Peter
Current Position: Senior Scientist I, Bluebird Bio, Cellular and Molecular Immunotherapy
Jennifer Brace
Characterization of the Survival Factor, SVF1, from "Saccharomyces Cerevisiae", 2006
Advisor: Charles Rudin
Current Position: Research Scientist, Lab Manager, Northwestern University
Hannah Brechka
The Role of Homeobox Transcription Cofactors in Prostate Development and Tumor Growth, 2004
Advisor: Vander Griend
Current Position: Project Coordinator, Cambridge University Hospitals, NHS Foundation Trust
Eric Bueter
Coordinated Activity Between AR-V7 and Glucocorticoid Receptor in Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer, 2022
Advisor: Russell Szmulewitz