Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

The following programs at the University of Chicago center on underrepresented groups and inclusion.

Graduate Recruitment Initiative Team (GRIT): GRIT is committed to enhancing diversity, inclusion, and equity in multiple graduate programs across UChicago's campus by focusing on recruitmentretention, and sustainability, GRIT especially works to recruit and retain students from marginalized backgrounds. For more information about the team, visit their website here.

Society for the Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in STEM (SACNAS): SACNAS is an organization that works to support inclusivity, professional advancement, and educational opportunity for STEM students from underrepresented groups. For more information, visit the website for SACNAS organizations nationwide, or visit here for the UChicago chapter's contact information

For an inside look at the student's perspectives on diversity and inclusion in the CCB, check out the Cancer Biology graduate student page here!


Diversity outside of the CCB

Click on the links below to learn more about the diversity and inclusion programs in the broader BSD and UChicago Medicine Departments:

Diversity and Inclusion in the BSD

BSD Inclusion Menu

UChicago Diversity Initiatives