Our dedicated PhD Program in Cancer Biology is one of the most established in the country and is supported by an NCI training grant in addition to valuable support from foundations and private donors allowing us to continue torecruit and train the next generation of expert cancer biologists. The University of Chicago is home to an NCI supported Comprehensive Cancer Center. We provide doctoral students with the most up-to-date knowledge and research training with the goal of preparing them for leadership and research careers in academia, industry, clinical research, science journalism, advocacy and policy, and other relevant areas of the biomedical workforce. With 61 faculty members from across the Biological Sciences Division with diverse interests in all of these research areas, students have a broad choice of research concentrations to select from for their thesis research project. Our program has enabled many of our trainees to publish their work in outstanding journals and go on to run their own research labs.

Preparing students to conduct research: Our core curriculum focuses on multiple aspects of cancer biology, including:

  • molecular mechanisms of cancer
  • tumor progression and metastasis
  • autophagy and tumor metabolism
  • cancer genomics
  • computational approaches and big data analysis
  • mechanisms of drug resistance
  • tumor heterogeneity
  • translational research approaches