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UChicago Cancer Biology Program allows students to learn through a variety of disciplines focusing both on cancer and non-cancer related topics, particularly biophysics, chemical biology, and bioengineering. Further, with strong links to our NCI-supported Comprehensive Cancer Center, our group of students and faculty, and a plethora of mentorship opportunities from your thesis advisor and thesis committee, you are ensured to be surrounded by a strong community to help guide you towards your future career.

Getting to know UChicago

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Day in the Life: Cancer Biology Student

Interview with Juan Apiz

Q: What does a typical day look like for you?

A: Works in a biochemical lab and arrives at around 8-9 am. The first thing that gets done is computer work, including checking emails, etc. Benchwork starts at 10 am and continues after a short lunch/nap break. [He] typically works 10-hour workdays, in order to devote time for reading, as well as wet lab, and arrives back home at around 7-8 pm. During the pandemic, [his] schedule has changed a little bit; computer work (reading lab papers, manuscript writing, and email correspondence) is done at home, but [his] day in the lab still starts at 10. Lab days are planned several days in advance to get benchwork done efficiently. 


Q: What was the most difficult part of conducting your research?

A: The most difficult part is organizing yourself, and establishing time management skills. There is a lot less structure in grad school so knowing when you need to be productive and establishing your own system of getting work done can be difficult.


Q: Has finding funding been difficult?

A: Finding funding has not been an issue, due to full support from [his] PI as well as grant manager. [He] is currently applying for a grant, which is a lot of work but definitely worth it as this type of writing and skill will be useful for the future.


Q: Why did you choose UChicago? What drew you to this program specifically?

A: The CCB community and the people in the city of Chicago.

CCB Culture

Whether it is working in the lab or enjoying a fun night out in the city, the CCB community allows you to explore and build strong relationships with your fellow graduate students as well as faculty. The pictures below show some of the community building activities that both the students and faculty enjoy in and outside of the lab/classroom and are snapshots into the rewarding relationships built during your time at UChicago: 


Picture Credits: The CCB graduate students
Life in Chicago

Life in Chicago

As part of our Cancer Biology Graduate Program, not only are you a part of the UChicago community, but also to become a member to Chicago, a bustling city, chock full of engaging educational opportunities, diverse, cultural communities, and all kinds of entertainment from concerts to improv comedy. 

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Chicago Culture

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Transportation Options:

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Application Financial Support

 UChicago Biosciences grants fee waivers on a case-by-case basis for domestic students with documented substantial financial hardship. The fee waiver request form can be accessed by domestic applicants only after submitting the application. Fee waiver information ca be found here.