Committee on Cancer Biology

The CCB offers a graduate program leading to a PhD in Cancer Biology. Each student pursues an individualized program with a primary focus on independent research. The program curriculum provides coursework, training, mentorship, and milestones that help guide students toward finding a thesis advisor, developing a thesis project, making progress in the laboratory, presenting and publishing their research, and completing the dissertation.

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Spotlight: Jocelyn Hsu

You won't find a better environment to complete your Ph.D. in than the one created by the CCB community. The students and faculty support each other through challenges and celebrate achievements together. The Committee on Cancer Biology facilitates a safe learning environment that promotes academic and professional growth through small-group discussions, weekly internal seminars, and stimulating lab atmospheres. The greatest strength of the Committee on Cancer Biology is its ability to create an intimate and rigorous learning environment for its students and faculty.

Outside of the CCB community, the University of Chicago offers career advancement services through UChicagoGRAD and myChoice which I actively participate in. What I didn't know before I applied was the ease of finding a cohort outside of CCB. In addition to the friends I have made within CCB, I have been able to reach out to members of the University community who share similar interests as I do. The community within CCB and the University of Chicago in addition to the career resources provided to graduate students made me want to choose CCB.

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Jocelyn Hsu

Jocelyn Hsu

PhD Student