Faculty and Trainers

Associate Professor, Pathology
Assistant Professor, Pritzker Institute for Molecular Engineering
Our research aims to uncover the grammar – or general rules – governing how successful immune responses work to stop an infection or remove diseased cells while keeping...
Associate Professor, Public Health Sciences
Dr. Chiu investigates the causes and outcomes of lymphoma and multiple myeloma in racial/ethnic and geographic diverse population using integrated modern molecular...
Associate Professor, Radiation & Cellular Oncology
Dr. Steven J. Chmura is an Associate Professor in the Department of Radiation and Cellular Oncology and Director of Clinical and Translational Research at The...
Professor, Medicine
Our laboratory has a long-standing interest in B cell antigen receptor (BCR) signaling and how BCR dependent processes regulate specific cell fate decisions. In the...
Associate Professor, Medicine-Hematology/Oncology
Professor, Pediatrics
Our long-term research interest is to improve the outcome for children with neuroblastoma. We are conducting laboratory-based research focused on understanding the...
Professor, Pediatrics
My research focuses on the biology and therapy of hemoglobinopathies, the molecular mechanisms underpinning hematopoiesis and the development of the leukemia stem cell...
Professor, Pediatrics-Kennedy Center
A major focus of the Dawson Lab is to better understand neurodegeneration and how to prevent or reverse childhood inherited lysosomal storage diseases. The 13 forms of...
jill de jong photo
Associate Professor, Pediatrics-Hematology/Oncology
Dr. de Jong treats children with all types of cancer and blood diseases. She is the Director of Pediatric Hematology and has specialized expertise in bone marrow...