Faculty and Trainers

Professor, Ben May Department
Rb Tumor Suppressor, Control of Cell Proliferation and Differentiation 1) Novel approaches to target the loss of tumor suppressors in cancers The success of cancer...
Associate Professor, Medicine-Pulmonary/Critical Care
Dr. Dulin’s laboratory investigates the signaling mechanisms of TGF-beta-induced myofibroblast differentiation as related to pathogenesis of pulmonary fibrosis, using...
Assistant Professor, Ben May Department
Although the genes that drive the development of myeloid blood cancers have largely been defined, there are currently few effective targeted treatment strategies for...
Assistant Professor, Pathology
Immunological niches in the digestive system We study how immune homeostasis is maintained in the digestive system, and how its failure can lead to diseases such as...
Professor, Pathology
Associate Professor, Physics
My lab is dedicated to understanding how cell adhesion and migration is regulated by the physical behaviors and structure of the actin cytoskeleton, focal adhesions and...
Professor, Medicine-Hematology/Oncology
Associate Professor, Medicine-Rheumatology
Fotini Gounari’s laboratory studies how transcription and epigenetic regulators cooperate to guide T cell development. The role of individual regulators is becoming...
Professor, Radiation & Cellular Oncology
My research has focused on the development of radio-protective drugs for use in the prevention of radiation-induced genomic instability and subsequent processes leading...
Professor, BSD Academic Admin
The overall objective of my research is to determine the molecular distinctions between estrogen, androgen, progestin, and glucocorticoid agonism and antagonism in...