James Knabb
BNIP3 Proteolysis by Caspase-1 Inhibits BNIP3 Function in Mitochondrial Autophagy, 2010
Advisor: Kay Macleod
Current Position: Technology Transfer Specialist, National Cancer Institute (NCI)
Jeffrey Knight
The Role of Genetics in Acute Leukemia Susceptibility and Prognosis, 2009
Advisor: Kenan Onel
Current Position: Field Application Scientist, QIAGEN
Steven Kregel
The Role of Pluripotent Stem Cell Transcription Factors in Prostate Cancer, 2014
Advisor: Donald Vander Griend
Current Position: Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Illinois, Chicago
Manisha Krishnan
The genetic and transcriptional basis of CUX1 isoforms in hematopoiesis, 2021
Advisor: Megan McNerney
Paul La Porte
Selenium in the Detoxification of Arsenic: Mechanisms and Clinical Efficacy, 2011
Advisor: Habibul Ahsan
Current Position: Hematology/Oncology Fellow, UCLA
Jimmy Lee
RNA N6-methyladenosine modification maintains epidermal stemness through PVT1-MYC interaction, 2022
Advisor: Xiaoyang Wu
Kin Leung
Refinement of Predicted Protien Interaction Networks Using High-Throughput Flouresence Polarization, 2012
Advisor: Richard Jones
Current Position: Biology Teacher, Uno Charter School Network
Daniel Leventhal
Elucidating the Biology of Tumor-Associated Regulatory T Cells, 2016
Advisor: Peter Savage
Current Position: Scientist, Cancer Immunology, Agenus
Cynthia Li
The essential molecular mechanisms underlying keratinocyte differentiation and epidermal homeostasi, 2019
Advisor: Xiaoyang Wu
Alexander Ling
Predicting clinical drug combination efficacy using in vitro monotherapy data, 2019
Advisor: Stephanie Huang
Current Position: Postdoctoral Researcher, Brigham and Women's Hospital