Yasmin Hasan

Associate Professor
Research Summary
Dr. Yasmin Hasan is the Director of the Gynecological Brachytherapy Program and the clinical and academic lead for the gynecological cancer program within the Department of Radiation and Cellular Oncology at the University of Chicago. Through clinical research focused on quality outcomes and collaboration interdepartmentally, Dr. Hasan has developed a niche in women’s cancers, including breast cancer. This program provides patients the opportunity for comprehensive care, including enrollment on clinical trials. Dr. Hasan is also the clinical lead in radiation for adult hematologic malignancies including lymphomas and leukemia. Dr. Hasan has more than 30 published abstracts, 5 book chapters, several senior or primary author publications and more than 20 peer-reviewed papers. She is also the Residency Program Director.
Gynecologic cancers, cervical cancer, brachytherapy, breast cancer, adult lymphoma
  • Thomas Jefferson Medical College, PA, M.D. Medicine 06/2003
  • William Beaumont Hospital, Michigan, Radiation Oncology 06/2008
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