Fotini Gounari

Research Summary
Fotini Gounari’s laboratory studies how transcription and epigenetic regulators cooperate to guide T cell development. The role of individual regulators is becoming increasingly clear in the development of T cells. However, much less is known on how these regulatory molecules are integrated into complex networks that drive the chromatin conformation and gene expression changes required at each stage of T-cell development. The objectives of the studies are to elucidate how the DNA-binding protein T-cell factor 1 (Tcf-1), coordinates the action of multiple epigenetic and transcription regulators to control gene expression events that instruct T cell differentiation. The long-term goal is to provide a blueprint of the interplay of molecular networks in the development of healthy T-cell immunity and to understand mechanisms underlying immune-related diseases and T cell malignancies.
Biosciences Graduate Program Association
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