Matthew Trendowski
Identification of Risk Factors and Comorbidities Associated with Treatment-Related Hearing Loss and Tinnitus and Comparison of their Genetic Architecture with De Novo Etiologies, 2020
Advisor: Eileen Dolan
Current Position: Medical Student, Wayne State University
Alec Vaezi
N/A, 2004
Advisor: Elaine Fuchs
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Institution Otolaryngology, University of Massachusetts Medical School
Donald Vander Griend
Stress-Activated Protein Kinase Pathways and Metastasis: the Role of MKK4, 2004
Advisor: Carrie Rinker-Schaeffer
Current Position: Associate Professor, Pathology, University of Illinois at Chicago
David Vanderweele
The AKT-Mtor Signaling Pathway Mediates Resistance to Microtubule-Directed Chemotherapeutic Agents, 2005
Advisor: Charles Rudin
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Medicine (Hematology and Oncology) Northwestern University
Calvin VanOpstall
Revealing Mechanisms of Tumor Suppression Driven by MEIS and HOX Transcription Factors in Prostate Cancer, 2019
Advisor: Don Vander Griend
Current Position: Senior Scientist I, Genomics R&D, Covance
Jennifer Veneris
Identifying Downstream Targets of JNKK1/MKK4 Involved in the Suppression of Ovarian Cancer Metastatic Colonization (Protein Suppression During Metastasis), 2010
Advisor: Carrie Rinker-Schaeffer
Current Position: Hematology/Oncology Fellow, University of Chicago Medicine
Sapana Vora
Genomic Analysis of Acute Leukemia Susceptibility, 2014
Advisor: Kenan Onel
Current Position: Deputy Team Chief, Biosecurity Engagement, US State Department
Cindy Wah
Requirements for Surviving in the Terminal Differentiation of Erythroid Cells and Survival of Hematopoietic Progenitors, 2006
Advisor: John Crispino
Current Position: Medical Science Liaison, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Matthew Walker
The Identification of RAC3 as a Pro-Migratory Coactivator of Estrogen Receptor Alpha by Phage Display (Using phage display to discover novel coregulators of the estrogen receptor in the presence of ligands), 2010
Advisor: Geoffrey Greene
Current Position: Biology Lead, Vitrisa Therapeutics
Li Weng
Analysis of the RB Pathway in Growth and Cell Cycle Control, 2002
Advisor: Wei Du
Current Position: Director, AccuraGen