Post-Doctoral Programming

UChicago’s Post Doctoral programs allow for students to develop independence and leadership in their desired field of research, by working on their own projects, getting published, participating in the Post Doctoral Association, and acting as a mentor, especially for undergraduate researchers. The independent and individualized work that postdoc students participate in, allows them to find their own "niche" by combining and pursuing research and academic knowledge in any field or discipline that piques their interest, providing a plethora of career paths for students to choose from when they decide to begin their career journey. 

Although there is no specific CCB Post-Doctoral Program, students can find support for one another by participating in the Post Doctoral Association, that provides information and resources for all Postdocs around the university.

Post-Doc Planning: Is a Post Doctoral Program Right for me?

While there are many professions that desire or require a Postdoctoral Program, there are still others that have no preference. It is important to consider your acquired research and communication skills, your scientific and academic interests, and your desired end goals to help plan your future steps, either on to your career or to another educational program. Here is a quick infographic that can be used to prompt your thinking about whether or not your career plans require a postdoctoral program (pictured below). Further, there are links to other resources to aid you in the choice to participate in a Postdoctoral Program.

Postdoctoral Decision Materials

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Questions to Ask When Considering a Post Doc - UChicago

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Upcoming Events

Below are a few upcoming events (webinars, presentations, professional talks) targeted especially towards postdoctoral students, and anyone with an interest in cancer research:

Post Doctoral

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